Ten Mile Road Race Training Program

Fresh Air offers a very successful training program geared specifically to the Ten Mile Road Race.  The program that includes race entry and a 17-week training program.  Runners receive counselling on warm-up, cool-down, stretching, strengthening, hydration, pacing, cross-training, hill-training, speed-training and realistic expectations.  Every Saturday, up to seventeen pacers lead groups at a variety of workout speeds.  With over 200 aspiring ten-milers registered with the program last year, the sheer number of participants ensures that everyone benefits from camaradarie and support.

Other Training Resources For Runners
A variety of training programs are available in the community to help to get runners 'race-ready' at any distance. They include:
Fresh Air [
Thunder Bay Metre Eaters Running Club []
Lakehead Masters Running Club (
The Adventure Group (affiliated with Lakehead Masters Running Club)
Running Room [