Frequently Asked Questions

How many runners do you expect?
Just under 1000 runners participated in the race. Over recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of runners registered.

Tech Shirt Sizes
Technical T Shirt availability and sizes are guaranteed if requested by individual 10 mile race participants prior to April 30 cut off date. The shirts will be ordered following the cut off date and available at kit pick up.

Timing Chips
A disposable souvenir timing chip will be used for the race. You may keep or dispose of the chip as you choose. The chip is not reusable at future races. Instructions for using the chip will be provided to you at the time you receive your chip.

Can guests of runners attend the pasta dinner?
Pasta dinner tickets are available for the guests of registered runners at a price of $15.00. Guests are encouraged to purchase their tickets in association with runner registrations, making it easier for race organizers to accurately prepare for the number of people who will attend the pasta feed. Tickets will also be available at the door.

I’m with the media. Can I Interview the race winners?
Yes. Members of the media should contact us to secure a media resource kit and ensure that they’re on a circulation list for the latest background, news and developments.

Is there a minimum age to run in the races?
There is no minimum age to register for the race as an individual. Young people are encouraged to run the relay portion of the race if they are unable to complete the race in the allotted three hours.

How do I get confirmation that I’m registered?
You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration from the race registration website. A list of confirmed on-line registrants is posted on the on-line registration service providers’ site.

Is my race entry transferable to someone else should I be unable to run the race?
Entries are not transferable

Why did my GPS record a distance that is different from the official race course distance?
The race course is measured along the inside of all corners to reflect the shortest possible distance a runner could cover in completing the race without being disqualified. If your GPS recorded a longer distance, it probably includes wide corners, weaving through the field, and diversions to aid and relief stations.

How are the limits of race course defined?
The race course is located entirely within the paved portion of the roadways over which it passes. That portion of the paved roadway on which runners are to proceed is identified by race officials and pylons.

Is the race course closed to traffic?
Generally, the race course is closed to traffic from 9AM-12PM, although runners are required to give way to emergency vehicles. Roads along the race course are temporarily closed for the safety and enjoyment of runners, spectators and volunteers. We very much appreciate the cooperation we receive from property owners, businesses and the travelling public with this necessary road closure. Runners please remember to obey police and volunteers directions as they have are looking out for your safety. Click here for road closures.

How long is the course open?
Three hours after the scheduled start of the race, the roads along which the race course is located will be reopened. There will be no traffic controls in place for runners after the three hour limit.

What if I need to drop out of the race?
If you suspect that you will not be able to finish, or your doctor has advised you against participating in this event, we suggest that you do not toe the starting line. It is the responsibility of entrants to ascertain whether they are fit and able to complete the race. It is also the responsibility of entrants to run the race in a manner that will not adversely affect their health.
If you want to drop out of the race and would like medical attention, communicate your need to the nearest race official and they will guide you to medical support.


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